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This Is How The Car Chassis Is Damaged

Hitman 1: Speed ​​bump
Vulnerable parts: front bumper extension, exhaust pipe, suspension
The speed reduction belt is used to force the vehicle to slow down. However, there are no standards in the design of the speed reduction belts. They have different heights and different shapes. Some are relatively high, and some car owners have no habit of decelerating through the speed reduction belt, which is very desirable. Generally, the front bumper and exhaust pipe are relatively easy to be pinched.
Coping method: Reduce the speed, so that the general speed reduction belt can pass safely, unless your chassis is too low.

Hitman 2: The top and bottom of a steep slope
Vulnerable parts: front bumper, exhaust pipe, tie rod, etc.
If the chassis is relatively low, it is easy to support the bottom when reaching the top of the slope. Also pay attention when descending steep slopes, because the front bumper of the car is more prominent, and if it is slightly faster when descending to the bottom of the slope, it is easy to hit the ground directly.
Coping method: You can go uphill and downhill at an angle, that is, the front wheel on one side first hits the slope or the top of the slope.

Hitman III: Foreign objects such as bricks
Vulnerable parts: paint shell, suspension, exhaust pipe
Foreign objects are often encountered on the road, such as stones and bricks spilled from large trucks. If these foreign objects hit the chassis, they may suffer.
Coping method: Pay attention to the road surface when driving and find that foreign objects decelerate and detour in advance.

Hitman 4: Muddy Road
Vulnerable parts: front bumper, chassis
Driving on muddy roads, the roads are all rolled bumps. Cars on such roads are bound to bottom. If the mud is wrapped in fast stones, the front bumper and chassis will be hurt.
Coping method: choose to detour, really can not drive slowly, try to let the tire to roll those raised mud.

Hitman V: Road Depression
Vulnerable parts: front bumper, tire, suspension
Undercarriage of the vehicle through the pits, depressions, grooves, etc. of the road can also occur. The most important thing is that it will cause damage to the tire. If the speed is high, the tire may burst directly.
Coping method: Choose to detour, observe the road surface if it doesn't work, and pay attention to avoid.

Hitman Six: Sewer without Manhole Cover
Vulnerable parts: front bumper, tyre, tyre surround
If the sewer with no manhole cover is rolled up, the damage to the car will be very great, and the tire will fall completely, and it will not be able to come out at a short while.
Coping method: Pay attention to the road surface while driving, and find that the deep pit decelerates and detours in advance.

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